Harmeston Consulting

A better way to deliver your technology projects.

We’re not like other IT Consultants. We don’t rely on outsourcing sales. Our purpose is to take responsibility for your projects, educate your staff and coach your leadership team — so you get the results you want every time.

Different approach, lasting results.

Harmeston is built upon founder Steve Ramsay’s passion for doing things differently. Steve has spent over 25 years on both sides of the desk, helping global companies navigate the ever-changing world of technology. His core principle is simple: the right environment delivers the right results.

At Harmeston, we do more than just focus on solving a problem or delivering a project. We help our clients create an environment for lasting, self-sufficient delivery. This is our Legacy Proposition.

Our goal is to leave clients with the tools and expertise they need to keep delivering, without our help. We’ve partnered with The Everyday Project Manager and Two Hats Coaching, and are proud to offer a wide range of training and mentoring services that can be catered to your business needs.


We offer expertise across every stage of the technology project cycle.


Identifying your business needs. 

Our goal is to turn your organisation’s wish-lists into achievable outcomes and identify potential problems long before you have to face them. We explore your business needs and collaborate to find better ways of getting the results you want. 

Services include:

  • Developing new IT strategies
  • Tackling technical debt
  • Improving existing strategies
  • Business case generation
  • Leadership coaching & mentoring 


Building the right environment.

We don’t believe in blanket outsourcing, we believe in building the best team, in the best environment for your business. We use education and training to ensure your internal resources are being fully utilised, and only recommend third parties to fill specific skills gaps.

Services include:

  • Optimising internal resource
  • Identifying skills gaps
  • Delivery Education
  • Outsourcing recommendations
  • Third-party resource relationships


The results you want, every time.

We can help facilitate your vision, set objectives and manage benefits, as we take your project from inception to completion. We are committed to delivering the results you want, with the team you need, in an environment for lasting, self-sufficient change.

Services include:

  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Programme Management
  • Business Change Management
  • Portfolio Management


“Steve and the team he put together were a pleasure to work with from the start.  They set about understanding our why and what we are about, helped us rethink what the website was for and then designed something completely new that told our story, as well meeting the diverse needs of the website users. Very impressed.”

Richard Martin

Director, Mindful Business Charter

“Harmeston have supported us through a number of high profile, complex project deliveries, and have ensured that our in house teams are better prepared for the next challenge by delivering individual and team coaching, advising on operating models and supporting effective right sized process implementation. They are our go to trusted partner for change and project management.”

Elizabeth Henderson-Jones

Head of IT Service & Oversight, Simmons & Simmons LLP

“IT is an area that can feel daunting and foreign. Steve and the team at Harmeston bring clarity and peace of mind to the projects we have run with them. They are pragmatic, commercial and highly effective at bridging the chasm that exists between the business and tech side, which has helped us understand and engage better with the new technologies we have adopted.”

Katie Drysdale

Head of Marketing & Business Development, Byrne Dean

“We worked with Harmeston on a large change programme and a desktop refresh. Despite not being able to meet in person, there was a strong sense of teamwork and we valued Harmeston’s insight and guidance through a complex set of change management challenges.”

Rob Morgan

Chief Information Officer