Business Consultancy


PRS Promotions recognise that there is nothing more reassuring than a recommendation from a friend or trusted business contact.
That is why I offer my clients access to trusted services from a large, specially selected network of trusted partner companies representing the best in business and personal services.

A network of trusted companies

“During my rugby and business careers, I have been able to create a strong network of trusted contacts. I have realised how often these connections were of benefit to both individuals and businesses that were known to us. Creating Alpha Klas and now PRS Promotions felt like a natural progression as it allowed me to formalise and share those relationships for the benefit of all.

Today, I introduce business to my partner companies who provide the expert advice and services that meet my clients’ need.

In essence I have created a unique ‘family office’ environment for any individual or company, large or small, to call upon if the need arises. My clients have access to all our partners that provide a ‘wrap around’ service that should be able to solve any problem.

Honesty and integrity is at the heart of everything I do and I aim to deliver excellence to clients through our trusted partners.”

Words by Peter Scrivener